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Vision and Mission of Department (Vocational Education)


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Our vision is to be the destination to empower students, researchers, educators, and practitioners to transform healthcare, globally.

  • Rigorous education of students and practitioners
  • Professional placement of students
  • Successes in research and scholarly output
  • National and international recognition of faculty and students
  • Partnerships with outside entities
  • International collaborations and strategic alliances
  • Number in international students
  • Success, growth and engagement of our alumni


Our mission is to prepare the next generation of innovative and collaborative professionals while pioneering clinical, entrepreneurial, and research endeavors to improve various sectors like health, Finance, Insurance outcomes for residents of India.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Continually building a culture of compassion, inclusiveness and collegiality
  • Providing comprehensive education
  • Conducting and disseminating state of the art research
  • Establishing optimal student experiences
  • Engaging in community outreach
  • Expanding pharmacy practice, post-graduate training, and business opportunities
  • Growing alumni and partner relationships
Admission 2022-2023