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Fee Structure


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Post Graduate Courses

Particulars M.Tech. MBA
Total 55000 55000
Payable (on Admission) 27500 27500
Payable In Nov/Dec. 27500 27500

Under Graduate Courses

B.Tech, B.Tech (L)
Particulars B.Tech. B.Tech (L)
Total 60000 60000
Payable (on Admission) 30000 30000
Payable In Nov/Dec. 30000 30000


BBA ,BHMCT(Hotel Mgmt)

Particulars BBA BHMCT (Hotel Mgmt)
Total 36000 60000
Payable (on Admission) 18000 30000
Payable In Nov/Dec. 18000 30000


B.Pharma, B.Pharma(Leet)
Particulars B.Pharma B.Pharma (L) D.Pharma
Total 85000 85000 60000
Payable (on Admission) 42500 42500 30000
Payable In Nov/Dec. 42500 42500 3000


B.Sc Nursing, Post Basic Nursing, GNM,ANM,BPT
Particulars BSc Nursing Post BSc Nursing ANM GNM BPT BASLP & BASLP (L)
Total 110000 65000 60000 80000 60000 80000
Payable (on Admission) 550000 32500 30000 40000 30000 40000
Payable In Nov/Dec. 55000 32500 30000 40000 30000 40000


D.Voc, DMLT,Diploma in Civil Engineering
Particulars D.Voc. DMLT & DMLT (L) D.Civil & D.Civil(L)
Total 36000 42000 36000
Payable (on Admission) 18000 21000 18000
Payable In Nov/Dec. 18000 21000 18000


Hostel Charges* (Annual)

Type of Room Standard AC Room Hostel Charges are subject to Change.
Hostel Charges* (Annual) 60000 75000



Course Scholarship
B.PHARMA, ANM,GNM & BPT 10% on Tution fees for meritorious students with 80% & above

Admission +Processing Charges

  1. Tech & B.Tech-Leet, BHMCT, BBA, MBA,DCIVIL & DCIVIL-LEET=1000+1000 (One time & Non-refundable)
  2. DMLT & DMLT-Leet, D.Voc, B.Pharma & B.Pharma-Leet, BSc N, PBSc N, ANM, GNM, BPT, BASLP=5000+1000 (One time & Non-refundable)


Examination fees, registration Charges, Continuity Charges, Establishment Charges and any other university charges will be paid by the student as an when required as per University norms.


Hostel / Transport Fees will be paid annually,

Hostel / Transport Charges are to be paid at the time of admission

Note: Complete details are mentioned in Prospectus.

Admission 2022-2023