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Industrial Visits

Industrial Visit of Yakult

 Management Department

Date of visit: 08 th Nov, 2022

Place of visit: YAKULT

Coordinator (Faculty):Mr. RINKU

Other Faculty: DR. Shamsher Singh, Mr. Puneet & Ms. Mitali

Participating students: Management Students

Our college has organized an industrial visit for the students of BBA & MBA on 08TH November, 2022 for YAKULT which is Located at Rai, Sonipat.

We reached there at 11:30 am and met an official representative Ms. Muskan, who delivered a lecture and presentation to the students. Yakult is fermented milk drinks which contain more than 6.5 billion beneficial bacteria lactobacillus casei strain Shirota in every bottle. In 1930, DR. Minoru Shirota, a Japanese scientist, discovered Special Strain Bacteria that is beneficial to the health. This drink was firstly introduced in Japan in 1935 and later launched in the overseas market.

Yakult is the scientifically proven Probiotic drink with more than 80 years of research to back its efficiency. Yakult is consumes in more than 30 countries and it’s achieve its target of 03 Crores customers every day.

We sign off the yakult and reached our college at 04:30 pm

We have a wonderful experience.


Date of visit: 16 th Nov, 2022
Place of visit: Noor Mahal, Karnal
Coordinator (Faculty): Mr. Dinesh Sharma
Participating students: Hotel Management & Catering Students Happy & Sagar

Industrial training for the students of Hotel Management & Catering Department of R.P. Educational Trust Group of Institutions, Bastara, Karnal

About Noor Mahal:-Hotel Noor Mahal is a luxurious, 5-star property featuring traditional Moghul and Rajputana architecture styles. It has an outdoor swimming pool with sunken bar. The air-conditioned rooms feature large windows offering plenty of natural light.

Description:-The training involves four core operational departments in a hotel: Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service and Food Production. On successful completion of the Industrial Training, students receive a Certificate & Appraisals from Hotel which will help them in their career.


Date of visit: 17 th Nov, 2022
Place of visit: Nitin Pharmaceuticals, Karnal
Coordinators (Faculty): Mrs. Divya Kiran(HOD)
Accompanying (Faculty):Mrs Chand Kaur, Mrs. Kanchan
Participating students: 2 nd , 4 th and 7 th sem. students

Report: RPIETGI college organized an industrial visit for the students of pharmacy on 17 th November, 2022 at Nitin Pharmaceuticals, karnal. Industrial visits are the part of curriculum activities in EPETGI. The students visited different departments and sections of pharmaceutical industry like manufacturing, packaging, sterilization, labeling, QC and QA department. The students were introduced to manufacturing of parentral dosage forms. All the products were manufacturing as per regulatory guidelines. They allowed our students to closely observe theproduction of injectables.



 This “GEETA MAHOTSAVA” is celebrated to commemorate the birth of ‘Srimad Bhagwat Gita’, the sacred scripture containing invaluable advice of Lord Krishna that he proffered to Arjuna, the third Pandava in the battlefield of Kurukshetra on the first day of the famous 18-day battle in the Mahabharata.

It marks as one of the greatest days in the history of mankind. Nearly 5152 years ago on that day a dazzling flash of brilliant lightning lit up the firmament of human civilization. That spiritual effulgence, that flash, was the message of the Bhagavad Gita, given by the Lord Himself on the battlefield of Kurukshetra. Unlike ordinary dashes of lightning which die away after dashing for ‘a split-second, this brilliant dash of that memorable day continued to shine through the centuries and even now illumines the path of humanitybon its onward march to perfection.

Observed as a craft fair that lasts for about 10 days.and people from different communities participate in yajna, Geeta reading, bhajans, aartis, dance, dramas etc.

 Finally refreshment was provided to the students, group photographs of various sections were taken. The faculty members Dr. Suman, Dr Geeta and Mr Dinesh had successfully manage the trip from RPIIT campus to Kurukshetra


 The campus is committed to utilize its strong industry links with different organizations. An efficient, dedicated team of trainers address the employability needs of the students to facilitate excellent placements as well as desired careers. The placement cell is designed to function with a high degree of professionalism. The cell organizes practical training and PD Programme to develop hands-on knowledge and to fill up the skill gap between industry requirement and skills possessed by Engineers/professionals. Students are prepared to acquire soft skill and other parameters to face interview by organizing workshops, on communication skills, resume building, mock interviews & group discussions to fill up the gap between industry requirement and skills possessed by our students. Reputed industrial houses across the country visit our institute regularly for the campus recruitment Programmes. Our pioneering efforts have borne fruits in achieving academic-industrial rapport and we are proud that our students are absorbed by leading giants in the industrial firmament.



Location: Noor mahal, karnal

As per the program we went to the Noor Mahal for induction of Hotel Industry.

with our 06 students. It was nice and learning experience for all students. This tour helps students to motivate in study as well. We show them how all departments work and coordinate with each other for smooth operation day by day. 


Embracing India’s rich heritage, Noormahal Palace endorses the opulent royalty of the era of Indian maharajas, flaunting an enchanting fusion of elements inspired from traditional Mughal and Rajputana schools of architecture. A unique mélange of traditional royal essence with modern amenities, Noormahal, Karnal exudes warmth and comfort for all its guests by preserving the legacy of India’s deep-rooted past heritage. Stunningly set in vast expanse of natural splendour, Noormahal is truly a one of its kind Palace in the region; an epitome of grandiose.

Medisys Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Medisys is located at Mogi Nand, Kala Amb (H.P). They have specialized unit in tablets, pellets & powders equipped with all latest and sophisticated equipments. The students were taken to all the sections along with faculty members, two persons Dinesh, Amit were also there from Medisys to guide the students all the way about various manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance & packaging section. The unit was manufacturing pellets powder & tablets as per WHO-GMP norms.

Finally refreshment was provided to the students, group photographs of various sections were taken & Dr. Gaurav Agarwal Principal has conveyed thanks to proprietor of Medisys for their co-operation and hospitality. The faculty members Ms.Deepika, Ms. Anju, Mr. Symcose, Mr. Rajat have successfully manage trip from RPIIT Campus to Medisys, Kala Amb.



As it is rightly said, “Travelling is a part of education.” An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of classroom. To provide such an enriching experiences to students, RP Inderprastha institute of Nursing organized an trip to Chandigarh for Nursing students on 11/01/2020. It was an opportunity for them to explore the different aspects of this modern city.

On reaching ‘The Beautiful City, Chandigarh’ they were driven to the

iconic Nek Chand Rock Garden where these enthusiastic travelers were awestruck to see the beautiful sculptures and the art pieces made up of scraps and waste material. Later in the afternoon, the students had fun time at the famous Sukhna Lake Tourist complex.

In the Evening the students had a brief shopping break at the popular Elante Mall where they bought little trinkets for their loved ones.

At the time of returned journey, students not only carried back life time experiences with them but also memories of new bonds of friendship which they will cherish forever.

A recurtional tour to International  Gita Mahotsav Kurukshetra

Srimad Bhagavad Gita remains the ultimate guide to humanity through the philosophy of – Karma – Selfless Work. Gita Bhoomi Kurukshetra witnessed this lesson of life over five thousand years ago when Lord Krishna, as the Sarathi of Arjuna, awakened him to his duty on the land of Saraswati at Jyotisar during the Mahabharata. Bhagavad Gita is acknowledged as the universal lighthouse leading to the best spiritual enlightenment. There is no element or part of life which is not present in the Chants of Gita. In Haryana, The International Gita Mahotsav 2019 was organized From November 22, 2019 To December 10, 2019.Under the Mahotsav, cultural programs were organized by the NZCC and local agencies on Shrimad Bhagvad Gita. Many celebrities including famous bhajan singers participated in those programs. The online Mahabharata quiz was also organized on the occasion of Haryana Day on November 1. During the Mahotsav, there was a grand saint’s conference, in which saints came from every corner of the country to deliver sermons on the topic of Gita. The International Craft Mela was organized from November 22 to December 10 on the banks of Brahma Sarovar, in which artisans from far places came.

RPIIT campus management organised a trip for RPETians. The faculty of pharmacy along with 83 students visited Gita Mahotsav on 10/12/19 by college buses. RPIIT campus buses started from campus at 10 am and returned at 3:30 pm. It was a wonderful mahotsav as students and teachers enjoyed shopping and food as 600 shopping stalls were there from different states and food courts had variety of divisions from Mumbai, Gujrat, Punjab and many states. RPETians also enjoyed cultural events and some students donated blood. Hence the trip was memorable for the students and faculty of pharmacy

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