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Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facilities

We understand that most of the students moving away from home feel out of place; hence we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible by offering comfortable and safe stay in the campus. The College offers separate hostels for boys and girls supervised 24X7 by wardens and vigilant security personnel. Life-on-campus not only helps students to study but to socialize with their peers. Every effort is made to make students feel at home while their stay at the hostels.

The Hostel Facilities majorly comprise of:

  • Comfortable rooms with and without attach toilets.
  • The hostel rooms are fully equipped with adequate furniture & fixtures.
  • 24 Hour Power backup is available.
  •  Rooms designed to provide adequate moving space and proper ventilation on sound engineering principles.
  • 24X7 Wi-Fi facility for uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • Separate mess for each hostel serving sumptuous, hygienic and nutritious food to the hostellers.
  • Gym & Indoor games
  • To make the stay of the students a pleasant one, various events, activities and celebrations like colourful evening with various cultural activities within the hostels are a constant feature.


1) Hostellers will follow the daily routine/ mess timings of the hostel.

2) All students are required to surrender their rooms to the Warden within three days after the final examination of the course is over.

3) Students cannot make any change in their hostel room allotment without prior permission. Person who found to be living in hostel in unauthorized way, then strict action should be taken against him/her .

4) No student will be allowed to enter the hostel during College hours except lunch hours.

5) Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the Warden.

6) Students are not allowed to play any kind of sports in the room.

7) Students are not allowed to use multiple pin plug or to connect a number of electrical appliances from one point or socket and shall not attempt to connect or make extension to an electrical wiring from any source or any electrical point.

8) Inviting or entertaining male visitors in the hostels is strictly prohibited.

9) Use of abusive languages towards other residents and/or institution authorities and employees is strictly prohibited

10) Ragging in any form is a punishable offence any student found guilty of indulging in it shall be liable to face any strict disciplinary action including the expulsion/rustication from the hostel and/or Institute & any other legal action under the law.

11) Students must submit their hostel fees as mentioned on time.

12) Students will be punished for scribbling (sketch) graffiti (Cartoon) on the walls, usage of foul language, unruly movement in the corridors or any other form of vandalism (damage).

13) Wrong entry, improper /lack of entry in exit register, signing on behalf of another hosteller, tampering with the entries, proxy attendance and misguidance of any nature are punishable. In case of any quarrel between or among roommates it should be reported immediately to the Warden for appropriate action.

14) Breach of rules & regulations would cause termination from hostel and the decision of authorities /warden will be final in this regard, which will be acceptable to the guardian as well as to the student.

15)Students should keep hostel and bathroom clean. They themselves should remain neat and tidy.

16) Student shall take proper care of the furniture and fixtures handed over to him/her. In case of damage or disfigurement of any of the hostel property, they have to pay the cost & fine, as fixed by the Warden.

17) Student shall be herself responsible to take care of her personal belongings in the hostel and in case of any loss of or damage to such personal belongings; the Institute and the hostel authorities will not be responsible for any kind of compensation or otherwise

18) Student in case of falling sick or any sort of infections, diseases or personal injury or otherwise,shall inform the hostel authorities and her parents instantly

19) Student shall herself take precautions against insect-bites, snake- bites, animal-bites and such other infections and diseases, for minor injuries and ailments, a first-aid box is available with the Hostel Superviser.


Ragging in any form is a punishable offence under the government..


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