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About Laboratories (Vocational Education)

Institute Laboratories for Medical Imaging Technology are Equipped With:


Ultra Sound Machine


UV Spectrophotometer

Semi-Auto analyzer, Flame Photometer

Biological Oxygen Demand Incubator (BOD)


Ph. Meter

Projection Microscope

Compound Microscope

Laboratories  in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Electrical Technology Laboratory

This course familiarizes the students with the fundamental concepts of electricity and electronics that involve direct current, alternating current, series and parallel resistive circuits, inductance, capacitance, transformers, motors, electronic components, and various types of test equipment found in industry.


Electrical Machines Laboratory – I

This course familiarizes the students with the various types of tests for transformers, generators, motors and machines.


Digital Electronics Laboratory

This Lab familiarizes the students with the concepts of digital electronics practically and train them to design combinational and sequential logic circuits


Signals and Systems Laboratory

This course develops an understanding to describe signals mathematically and to perform mathematical operations on signals and helps students to understand the system properties such as linearity, time invariance, with or without memory, causality, and bounded-input bounded-output stability.


Electrical Machines Laboratory – II

This Lab familiarizes the students with the starting methods of 1-phase & 3-phase induction motor and various types of tests for induction motors.

Power Electronics Laboratory

This lab familiarizes the students with the working and characteristics of Power Diode, Transistor, MOSFET, Thyristor, Triac, cycloconverters, choppers, rectifiers, inverters and their practical applications.



Admission 2024-2025