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Program Education Objectives (Vocational Education)

BFSI (Banking Financial Service and Insurance)

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The main aim of this program is to develop industry-specific skills in students. The industry that this course deals with is – banking and finance. This course is known to develop skilled banking and finance professionals each year.

Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging plays an important role in diagnosis and clinical analysis of the patient (or his/her condition). For example – patients who have undergone fall/accident are asked to undergo X-Ray analysis. The results help identify fractures and/or deformities in the patient’s bones. Similarly, MRI scan is used to identify and detect unusual medical conditions in the brain.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The program is designed in such a way that it imparts industry-specific skills and knowledge among students. Candidates who manage to complete the course will be able to find a decent job in the relevant industry or domain. D.Voc. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course revolves around refrigeration and air conditioning sector. This domain is also popularly known as RAC.





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