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About Department (Vocational Education)


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About us:

Traditionally, vocational training programs have been skill-enhancing training courses. After pursuing one such course, one will acquire skills and knowledge specific to that particular domain. Vocational or skill-based education is becoming more and more significant with passing time. DVoc (Diploma in Vocation) is an emerging course in India that aims at providing adequate skills required for a particular trade to candidates. The course is different from traditional academic programmes as it deals more with application-based studies rather than focusing on only theoretical knowledge.

At RPIIT CAMPUS we are running three courses of Diploma in Vocational.

  1. BFSI( Banking Financial Services and Insurance )
  2. Regeneration and Air Conditioning
  3. Medical Imaging Technology

1. Diploma of Vocational in Medical Imaging Technology (MIT)
The aim of the course is to ensure that the students should have a thorough understanding of
the basic areas of medical imaging technology. Medical Imaging technology course focuses on
modern imaging techniques used to diagnose the diseases. The professional in this field
perform imaging procedures in radiology including X-rays, Magnetic resonance, and Ultrasound.
The course curriculum consists of classroom lectures, practical classes, hands-on training and
laboratory work.

2. Diploma of Vocational in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
Diploma of Vocational in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance is a specialized skill based
programme at RPIIT that aims to train new age professionals in banking, financial, insurance
and cooperative sector. As a BFSI professional, your expertise would be widely sought across
organizations to help them grow, expand, evolve and realign in tandem with the fourth
industrial revolution. Furthermore, you will be able to develop a rich understanding of various
businesses, while moving up in various roles and grow faster in your career.

3. Diploma of Vocational in Refrigeration and Air conditioning (RAC)
The aim of the course is to ensure that the students should have a thorough understanding of
the basic areas of Refrigeration and Air conditioning with the knowledge of testing procedure of
components used in RAC and making use of different test instruments. The students will able to
learn the concepts, principles of working of RAC systems and principles used in RAC Systems
and its maintenance.

Admission 2022-2023