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Seminars/Workshops/Conferences/FDP’s/Guest Lectures ( Management Studies)


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 Conference/Seminar and Guest lecture

  1. Conference/Seminar:

Our department organised a one day seminar on the topic of “GST- IMPACT ON INDIAN ECONOMY” on 25th Oct 2017

  1. Guest Lecture:
  2. A guest lecture was organised & Delivered on the topic of “MODERN PRACTICES OF WORKING CAPITAL IN SERVICE SECTOR” by Dr. G.C Maheshwari Retd. Prof. Department of management, M.S University Of Baroda on 22nd Sept 2017
  1. A guest lecture was organised & delivered on the topic of “RECENT OPPORTUNITIES IN DIGITAL MARKETING” by Dr. Bodla Professor in Department of Management, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra on 10th Nov 2017
  2. Seminar:

Our department organized a one day seminar on the topic “GST- IMPACT ON INDIAN ECONOMY” by Prof. R.K. Gaur, Department of Management, on 05th Feb 2019

The seminar on the topic “GST- IMPACT ON INDIAN ECONOMY” by Shri R.K. Gaur, Professor was very informative. He covered the topics about:-

  1. Expansion of Tax Base
  2. Resources for better Infrastructure
  3. Impact on Input Tax Credit
  4. Measures to Reduce Price
  5. Education and Healthcare
  6. Results of price reduction
  7. Tax on Transaction Value of Goods
  8. Growth in GDP

About 150 students participated in the Seminar.


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