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List of Online Free/Open Access E-Journals Subjects of Business, Management, Economics and commerce:

S.No. Title Publication ISSN
1 American Journal of Economics and Business Administration Science Publications 1945-5496
2 Asian Academy of Management Journal (AAMJ) UniversitiSains Malaysia Press 2180-4184
3 African Journal of Business Management Academic Journals, Nigeria 1993-8233
4 Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business IJCRB Publishing 2073-7122
5 Journal of Financial Risk Management Academic Publisher 2167-9541
6 American Journal of Industrial and Business Management Academic Publisher 2164-5175
7 Open Journal of Accounting Academic Publisher 2169-3412

Modern Economy

Academic Publisher 2152-7261
9 Technology and Investment Academic Publisher 2150-4067
10 Economic Annals Faculty of law, Belgrade 1820-7375


Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce Research and Reviews 1204-5357
12 Open Journal of Business and Management Academic Publisher 2329-3292


13 Business and Economics Journal OMICS International 2151-6219
14 Contemporary Marketing Review Global Research Society 2047-041X
15 Current Research Journal of Economic Theory MAXWELL Scientific Publication Corp. 2042-485X
16 Journal Of Economics And International Finance Academic Journals is a 2006-9812
17 Journal of Global Economics OMICS International 2375-4389
18 Journal of Accounting & Marketing OMICS International 2168-9601
19 Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review OMICS International 2223-5833
20. Annals of the University of Petrosani : Economic Universitas Publishing House 2247-8620
21 International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences OMICS International 2162-6359
22. Journal of Tourism & Hospitality OMICS International 2167-0269
23 International Journal of

eBusiness and eGovernment Studies

The Social Sciences Research Society 2146-0744
24 iBusiness (IB) ScientifcResear 2150-4083
25 Journal of Service Science and Management Scientific Research 1940-9907
26 Theoretical Economics Letters Scientific Research 2162-2086
27 Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies Scientific Research 2328-4870


28. Journal of Defense Management OMICS International 2167-0374
29. Business, Management and Education VGTUPress 2029-6169
30 Future Business Journal Elsevier 2314-7210
31 Journal of Hotel & Business Management OMICS International 2169-0286
32 Journal of Research on Trade, Management and Economic


Trade Co-operative University of Moldova 2345-1483
33 Business and Management Review Global Research Society 2047 – 0398
34 Business and Economics Research Journal BERJ 1309-2448
35 Economics and Business Letters 2254-4380
36 IBIMA Business Review Journal IBIMA Publishing 1947-3788
37 Economic and Business Review 2335-4216
38 Economics and Finance Review Global Research Society 2047-0401
39 Global Labour Journal 1918-6711
40 International Journal of Economics and Finance Canadian Center of Science and Education 1916-9728
41 International Business and Management Canadian Research & Development Centre of

Sciences and Cultures

42 International Business Research The Canadian Center of Science and Education 1913-9012


43 International Journal of Business Administration Sciedu Press 1923-4015
44 International Journal of Economics and Finance


The Social Sciences Research Society 1309-8055
45 Studies in Business and Economics Faculty of Economic Sciences

Lucian Blaga University

of Sibiu

2344 – 5416
46 Management & Marketing Editura Economica 1842-0206
47 Management-

Journal of Contemporary Management Issues

48  Manager’ Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest 2286-170X
49 Journal of Applied Finance and Banking Scienpress 1792-6599
50 International Journal of

Information, Business and Management

Elite Hall Publishing House 2218-046X
51. International Journal of

Research in Commerce & Management

IJRCM 0976 – 2183
52. Product: Management & Develop•ment Mario Orestes Aguirre González 2237-5228
53. Quality Innovation Prosperity 1338-984X
54. Journal of Business & Financial Affairs OMICS International 2167-0234
55. Research and Practice in Human Resource Management The School of Management, Curtin University, Perth,

Western Australia

56. Research in Business and Economic Journal AABRI, U.S.A 1941-3424


57. Research in World Economy Sciedu Press 1923-399X
58. Review of Economics & Finance Better Advances Press 1923-8401
59. Review of Finance and Banking 2067-3825
60. Review of Economics and Institutions University of Perugia Electronic Press 2038 1379
61. Research Journal of Social Science & Management The International Journal Research



Research Journal of Economics, Business and ICT

English Time Schools and Overseas Education 2047-7848
63. Studies in Business and Economics Faculty of Economic Sciences

Lucian Blaga University

of Sibiu

64. Review of Economic Analysis Rimini Centre for

Economic Analysis, Canada

65. South African Journal of Human Resource


AOSIS Publishing 2071-078X
66. South African Journal of Economic and Managment Sciences University of Pretoria 2222-3436
67. South African Journal of Information Management AOSIS Publishing 1560-683X
68. The Open Business Journal Bentham Open 1874-9151
69. International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT & Management IJRCM Publishing 2231 – 5756
70. International Journal of

Research in Commerce, Economics & Management

IJRCM Publishing 2231 – 4245


71. Sai Om Journal of Commerce

& Management: A Peer Reviewed National Journal

Sai Om Publications, Mumbai 2347- 7563
72. Indian Journal of Commerce KARAM Society 2454-6801
73. Sai Om Journal of Commerce & Management: A Peer Reviewed International


Sai Om Publications, Mumbai 2347–7571
74. Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies KARAM Society 2229-5674
75. Abhinav-National Monthly Refereed Journal Of Research In Commerce & Management Abhinav Publication, Mumbai 2277-1166
76. Accounting and Finance Research Sciedu Press 1927-5994
77. Administrative Sciences MDPI AG, Basel 2076-3387
78. Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences Society for Business Research Promotion 2047-2528
79. Business and Management Review Global Research Society 2047-0398
80. Journal of Finance and Investment Analysis Scienpress 2241-0996
81. Business Research Springer International Publishing 2198-2627
82. Contemporary Economics University of Finance and Management in


83. Trade, Law and Development National Law University, Jodhpur, India 0975-3346
84. Business Management Dynamics Society for Business Management Dynamics 2047-7031


85. EuroEconomica Danubius University of Galati 2065-3883
86. Econometrics MDPI AG, Basel 2225-1146
87. Asian Journal of Business Management MAXWELL Scientific Publication Corp 2041-8752
88. E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies ADAPT University Press 2280-4056
89. Economics Management Innovation Moravian University College Olomouc 1805-353X
90. African Journal of Marketing Management Academic Journals 2141-2421
91. Journal Of Accounting And Taxation Academic Journals 2141-6664
92. Journal of Public

Administration and Policy Research

Academic Journals 2141-2480
93. Journal of Hospitality Management and Tourism Academic Journals 2141-6575
94. Interscience Management Review (IMR) All India Commerce Association 2231-1513
95. Journal of Stock & Forex Trading OMICS International 2168-9458
96. Review of Public Administration and


OMICS International 2315-7844
97. International Journal of Tourism Research Wiley  


98. Journal of Business and Hotel Management SciTechnol 2324-9129
99. Journal of Ecosystem & Ecography OMICS International 2157-7625
100. Journal of Entrepreneurship & Organization Management OMICS International 2169-026X


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