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Scope & Syllabus (CSE)

Syllabus and Course Description

B.Tech CSE:

It is possible that syllabus might vary from institution to institution. The syllabus is made up of both core and elective courses. The common topics covered in the course are as follows:


Name of the Course
Applied Mathematics Digital Circuits & System
Applied Physics Communication Systems
Applied Chemistry Computer Graphics
Manufacturing Process Operating Systems
Introduction to Computer Systems Java Programming and Website Design
Introduction to Programming Computer Architecture
Engineering Mechanics Linux & X-Windows Programming
Electrical Science Database Management Systems
Analog Electronics Organizational Behaviour
Circuits & Systems Microprocessor
Foundations of Computer Systems Computer Networks
Object Oriented Programming using C++ Digital Signal Processing
Data Structures Multimedia Technologies
Software Engineering Mobile Computing
Algorithm Analysis & Design Artificial Intelligence



Name of the Course
Soft Computing
Network Security
Computer Systems
Mobile Communication












Syllabus and Course Description


M.Tech. CSE:

A semester-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below.


Semester I Semester II
Mathematical foundations of Computer Science Advance Algorithms
Advanced Data Structures Soft Computing
Elective- I Elective- III
Elective- II Elective- IV
Research Methodology and IPR Laboratory- I (Advance Algorithms)
Laboratory- I (Advanced Data Structures) Laboratory- II (Based on Electives)
Laboratory- II (Based on Electives) Mini Project with Seminar
Semester III Semester IV
Elective- V Dissertation – II
Dissertation-I / Industrial Project
Audit Course


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