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S.No. Title of the Paper Journal/Conference Author/s Year Vol./Issue ISSN No. Impact Factor
1 Natural Computing, A Review Paper National Conference Parmeet Kaur 2016 PID-1037 Published
2 A study on Hadoop Distributed file System used in Cloud Computing IJIRCCE Parmeet kaur 2015 Volume 3, Issue 12, 2320-9798 Published
3 Use of Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Image Using Intelligent water Drops Algorithm IJECS Parmeet Kaur 2017 Volue 6, Issue 6 2319-7742 Published
4 A Review on Improvement in Speech Quality by Codebook Based Ann Technique CJMR Parmeet kaur & Lalita Devi 2019 Volume 16, Issue 12 0975-6876 Published
5 A Review Paper on Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Collosion Avoidance Using for Rural Areas  



Parmeet Kaur & Vishal Kumar  


Volume 6, Issue 12 7021-2008 Published
6 A Review on Image Dataset Evaluation by Boltzmann Machine under Deep Neural Networks CJMR Parmeet Kaur & Monika Mann 2019 Volume 6, Issue 12 0975-6876 Published









S.No. Title of the Paper Journal/Conference Author/s Year Vol./Issue ISSN No. Impact Factor
1 Analysis of Protocols and algorithm in “WSN” International Journal Preeti Rana 2011 Published
2 A Review on Feature Extraction with Copy Move Forgery by Improved CMED Technique CJMR Preeti Rana & Kavita 2019 Volume 6, Issue 12 0975-6876 Published
3 A Review on Max Flow Improvement with Improved Sleep Awake Scheduling in WSN CJMR Preeti Rana & Deepa Rani 2019 Volume6, Issue 12 0975-6876 Published










S.No. Title of the Paper Journal/Conference Author/s Year Vol./Issue ISSN No. Impact Factor
1 Associative Classification using associative rule mining National Journal Richa Singh 2006 Published











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