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Programme Outcomes (Physiotherapy)

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Program Outcomes

After completing the physical therapy curriculum, students will:

  • Integrate concepts from the biological, physical, behavioural, and clinical sciences into physical therapy services
  • Exhibit professional conduct and behaviours that are consistent with the legal and ethical practice of physical therapy
  • Demonstrate compassion, caring, integrity, and respect for differences, values, and  preferences in all interactions with patients/clients, family members, health care providers, students, other consumers, and payers
  • Demonstrate culturally sensitive verbal, nonverbal, and written communications that are effective, accurate, and timely
  • Collect and critically evaluate data and published literature to apply in the delivery of care, practice management, and to examine the theoretical and scientific basis for physical therapy
  • Screen patients/clients to determine if they are candidates for physical therapy services or if referral to, or consultation with, another health care professional or agency is warranted
  • Complete a patient/client examination/re examination and evaluate and interpret the examination data to determine a physical therapy diagnosis and prognosis
  • Employ critical thinking, self-reflection, and evidence-based practice to make clinical decisions about physical therapy services
  • Collaborate with patients/clients, caregivers, and other health care providers to develop and implement an evidence-based plan of care that coordinates human and financial resources
  • Provide services and information related to health promotion, fitness, wellness, health risks, and disease prevention within the scope of physical therapy practice
  • Advocate for patient/client and profession
  • Provide consultative services and education to patients/clients, caregivers, health care workers, and the public using culturally sensitive methods that are adapted to the learning needs, content, and context
  • Employ effective leadership skills in the context of supervising, delegating and mentoring within the profession
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