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Program Outcome (H.M.)

Program Outcome

  • Students in the hospitality sector will be able to acquire knowledge, skills, and experience that greatly increase their own employability in the sector. They can also use these skills to pursue careers in sales, marketing, and business development, as well as in the management of conferences, hotels, and the airline industry.
  • The programme equips participants with the managerial and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry. Additionally, the students are able to start their own businesses providing hospitality services thanks to their education and professional training in the sector.

Program Specific Outcomes

According to their Award, students in the programme will acquire a variety of learning outcomes. Students will be required to demonstrate a greater level of understanding, analysis, and proof of the synthesis of theory and practise as they move closer to their final levels of study. They must also be able to –

  • Show that you are aware of the various departments that make up the hotel and Hospitality Industry.
  • Appropriately use a wide range of business professions’ practical vocabulary.
  • Hands-on instruction in service and manufacturing, creating the fundamental skill sets for the Industry.
  • Handle issues from a variety of viewpoints
  • Understand and evaluate theoretical frameworks
  • Identify appropriate practical strategies
  • Develop capabilities in working with and managing others
  • Construct, analyze and evaluate different forms of argument and present them in a logical and coherent manner.


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