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Program Educational Objectives


Computer Science graduates will have a sufficient understanding of the field of computer science including scientific principles, analysis techniques, and design methodologies to:

Be successfully employed, pursue a graduate degree, or continue their professional education


Computer Science graduates will have a broad liberal education enabling them to:

  • Demonstrate adaptability or leadership by, for example, being promoted, moving up to a better job, or by taking a leadership role in a team.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the context and broader impacts of technology in their organization by, for example, engaging stakeholders outside their immediate team, or by identifying ethical, economic, cultural, legal or environmental issues related to work projects.


Computer Science graduates will be prepared for modern work environments, where they will:

  • Apply their skills in clear communication, responsible teamwork, and time management by, for example, managing a team or project, working on multidisciplinary project teams, or communicating with external stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate professional attitudes and ethics by, for example, assisting colleagues in professional development (e.g. mentoring), engaging in continuing education or training, participating in professional societies, engaging in service to the community, or contributing to an employer’s efforts to comply with software licensing, protect privacy, or assure quality and safety.
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