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Program Education Objectives (ME)


Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s):

  1. To prepare graduates with a solid foundation in engineering, Science and Technology for a successful career in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. To prepare graduates to become effective collaborators / innovators in efforts to address social, technical and engineering challenges.
  3. To prepare graduates to engage in professional development through self-study, graduate and professional studies in engineering & business.
  4. To equip graduates with integrity and ethical values so that they become responsible Engineers
  • PEO1. Employability and higher studies: To enhance the potentiality of the graduate for higher education and employability.
  • PEO2. Professionalism: The graduates will be imbibed with human ethics and professional competence to meet the needs of global industry.
  • PEO3. Interdisciplinary Skills: To build interdisciplinary skills in the graduates to be able to perform successfully in various domain
  • PEO4. Life Long Learning: To motivate graduates with a desire to keep abreast of emerging technologies.
Admission 2024-2025