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Vision and Mission of Department (H.M.)

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Vision and Mission of Department

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Vision and Mission of Department

Our Vision:-   “To be leading educational institution by providing world class education in diverse emerging disciplines to produce conscientious and learned professional who significantly contribute to socio-economic development of the nation.”

* Our vision is to provide value based high quality education to the students.

* To impart and train the students both theoretically and practically on the latest developments in their branches of study.

* To continuously upgrade the technical facilities and faculty on par with the best institutions in the country.

* To make it one of the best Colleges of Education.

 Our Mission:-   “To develop individuals with multifaceted personality who will shoulder responsibilities of the family, the Society and the Nation.”

* Our mission is to provide quality education at affordable charges.

* To ensure that all students pass their examination with the high grades.

* To inculcate in the students the sense of Duty, Discipline, Responsibility and Service to the Nation and Society.

* To Sustain and support their studies and talents liberally.

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