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E-Magazines/E-Newsletter/E-Journals (Pharmacy)


An eMagazine (also known as an online magazine or eZine) is a digital magazine that provides its readers with targeted information and news. eMagazines are often digitized versions of a magazine, but can also be sent by companies to customers.


eMagazines evolved from printed magazines and weekly newspapers. As a result of increasing digitalization, publishers had to contend with decreasing print runs. The supply of a digital version could meet demand while decreasing physical circulation. With eMagazines, publications’ advertising customers now had the opportunity to be present online with a high reach.

Some eMagazines are similar to newsletters because they can be integrated into mailings. The difference, however, is that eMagazines are usually scrollable like a magazine.

The eMagazine, in the form of the eJournal, has become commonplace in scientific operations. However, the focus here is scientific publications in the form of scientific papers.

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