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August 16, 2020 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Congress government in Rajasthan won a trust vote on August 14 ending speculations over its survival.

The political crisis in Rajasthan may have ended with Sachin Pilot’s return to the Congress fold with his loyalists but the differences between the two sides remain. Senior Congress leader in the state, Hemaram Choudhary, who stood with Sachin Pilot during the standoff with the Gehlot camp, has lashed out saying the 101 MLAs, who had camped with Gehlot, were not the true loyalists of the Congress party.

He alleged that the MLAs seen to be in Gehlot’s camp were trying to safeguard their own personal interests while those supporting Sachin Pilot and branded ‘rebels’, were actually fighting for the betterment of the party. Choudhary was talking to the media at his residence in Barmer.

Taking a dig at chief minister Ashok Gehlot, Choudhary said that Gehlot had stated that Congress is his mother but it is not correct. He said that Congress is the mother of all Congressmen and Gehlot is not the only son of Congress. He further said that when one son is trying to capture the mother and the others remain hungry, then the other sons have to plead before the mother for their rights and they did the same.Choudhary said that they have pleaded before the Congress leadership. He added that several things were not right since the party came to power in the state and added that when they tried to raise issues related to the party and the public, they were ignored after which they were forced to take such a step

Choudhary claimed that the party high command has heard and sorted out their issues with an assurance that such a situation will not continue. He expressed faith that the three member committee formed by the party brass will sort out their issues.

Choudhary said he was shocked with the language used to target him. He said Gehlot had stated that those leaders who had not accepted money should return back to the Congress fold. Choudhary said Gehlot should now explain his allegation, now that they have returned. “I have a forty-years long political life with a clear image and I have never faced any allegation. My people already knew this and now, I hope that even the CM is satisfied,” he said.Referring to Sachin Pilot, Choudhary said the leader who revived the party in the state was criticised badly. “It is unfortunate,” he said


August 16, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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