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Department Activities( Industrial Visits, Tour/Trips, Social Activities CSE)



1. MSME program 20/8/2019 Ministry of micro,small and medium enterprises Zymkhanaclub View document
2 Industrial trip to Geeta Mahotsav,Kurukshetra 6/12/2019 To commemorate the birth of Shreemad Bhagwad Gita Kurukshetra View document
3 One day Cloud computing workshop Organized by Computer Science Department 26/03/2018 Student progression activity RPIIT campus view document


4. RPIIT Karnal U-19 Cricket Tournament 23/07/2018 To motivate and aware students about the benefits of sports RPIIT campus  

view document

5 Diwali Celebration at RPIIT Karnal 22/10/2017 Celebrate the auspicious occasion of diwali RPIIT campus View document
6 Trip to Jurassic park for students and staff 24/07/2017 For the amusement and recreation of students View


7 Teachers day celebration 05/10/2017 To honour the worthy teachers RPIIT campus View document
8. Independence celebration 15/08/2017 To honour our country ,its heritage and its brave soldiers RPIIT campus View document
9. Smart india hackathon 17/04/2017 To inculcate creative skills. RPIIT View document
Orientation programme for freshers 16/08/2017 To welcome our freshers RPIIT View document
10 Orientation programme -2016 20/8/2017 To welcome our freshers RPIIT View document
11. Bhaag dil se bhaag 8/7/2016 Marathon organized by RPIIT karnal RPIIT View document
12. Road safety traffic quiz 12/11/2016 To imbibe  the spirit of responsible citizens RPIIT View document
13. Seminar on self expression and success 19/10/2016 To provide exposure to the students for their career growth. RPIIT View document
14 Birth anniversary of Shaheed bhagat singh 1/10/16





To inculcate the spirit of patriotism among the students RPIIT View document
16. JCI Training programme 9/9/2016 A technical initiative for the betterment of  students career RPIIT View document
17 Freshers visit Kurukshetra during orientation programme 2016-17 12/8/2016 To provide an opportunity to students to mingle up with other freshers. RPIIT View document
18 Independence day 15/08/2016 To  promote in students the  love for our beloved nation. RPIIT View document
19 Guiness world record for largest human chain torch made at rpiit karnal 16/7/2016 An excellent initiative to be recognised as a successful institution RPIIT View document
20 Summer training of CSE students 5/7/2016 To provide a platform to our students to hone up their skills. RPIIT View document
21 Yoga day 21/6/2016 To educate the students about healthy mind and soul. RPIIT View document
22 Education fair 13/6/2016 To aware students about the scope of different disciplines running in the institute . RPIIT View document
23 Workshop on renewable energy resources 11/5/2016 To celebrate National technology day alongwith latest technology achievements . RPIIT View document


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