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Department Activities( Industrial Visits, Tour/Trips, Social Activities (Pharmacy)

Department Activities

We have a series of network and social events through each academic year. This is a great opportunity to connect with other students and alumni. Over the past academic year, events we have arranged:-

  • Mentorship opportunities for several current students from our RPIIT Technical & Medical Campus.
  • Tips and stellar advice given to current students from alumni who work in the marketing, Business and finance industries.
  • Friendly Crickets match with refreshment and food for students.
  • Research seminars with speakers from Indian renewed institutions.
  • Careers advice from from apprentice candidates.
  • Tours and trip are organized for students to visit monuments, historical places etc.
  • Social activities are held in the department such as save water, save girl child. 

Department Activities( Industrial Visits, Tour/Trips, Social Activities)     

  1. Industrial trip:

RPIIT college organized an industrial visit for the students of pharmacy on 17th November, 2022 at Nitin Pharmaceuticals, karnal. Industrial visits are the part of curriculum activities in RPIIT. The students visited different departments and sections of pharmaceutical industry like manufacturing, packaging, sterilization, labeling, QC and QA department. The students were introduced to manufacturing of parentral dosage forms. All the products were manufacturing as per regulatory guidelines. They allowed our students to closely observe the production of injectables.

  1. Dengue awareness rally:

The RPIITians organized Dengue awareness rally with the aim of creative awareness in Bastara village, Karnal. The rally highlighted about the disease, its symptoms and what needs to be done by the public, by performing NUKAD NATAK. The rally focused on the potential symptoms such as fever, head ache, joints pain, vomiting and rashes on the skin. RPET pharmacy students and staff members made ammence efforts conveying a message to provide a safe and healthier environment. The rally was organized at different spots of Bastara village. So, as to give knowledge to more and more villagers. As this event was organized by pharmacy department of RPET to provide information about our honorable Head of department embarked the Dengue awareness rally and applauded the endeavors of college staff and efforts of students to make this rally a huge success.

  1. Mobile phone awareness rally:

To spread awareness on mobile phone and provide a safe and healthier learning environment the RPIITians organized mobile phone awareness at our pharmacy department, Bastara village, Karnal. RPET pharmacy students and staff made placards conveying a message to prevent misuse of mobile phone. A special assembly was organized in our college Bastara to spread awareness about the importance of proper environmental sanitation in the fight against misuse of mobile phone  .As this event was organized by pharmacy department of RPET.Our honorable Dean Pharmacy  endeavors of college staff and efforts of students to make this camp a huge success

  1. Kargil Vijay diwas:

Kargil war was an arm conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July 1999 in Kargil district of Kashmir. India lost 527 soldiers in that war and in the memory of those martyrs here at RPIIT campus we RPETians did a social activity by paying a tribute to those martyrs by coding their names on trees. Including Dean of pharmacy & faculty of pharmacy  total 45 students (15 from each branch including B. pharmacy, D. pharmacy RPET, D. Pharmacy RPIIT) took part in the activity.

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