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Department Activities( Industrial Visits, Tour/Trips, Social Activities (H.M.)



( I ) Visit to 5 Star  Hotel Noor Mahal, Karnal


DEPARTMENT /COLLEGE: Hotel Management                        DATE:    05-11-19          


LOCATION: Hotel Noor Mahal Karnal.


FACULTY NAME: Mr. Ashish and Mr. Dinesh



As per the program we went to Noor Mahal for induction of Hotel Industry with our students on 05-11-19. It was nice and learning experience for all students. This tour helped students to motivate in study as well. We showed them how all departments work and coordinate with each other for smooth operation day by day.



(II) Social Activity


Department: Hotel Management                                     Date: 20-09-19


Place: Rasin Village

Summary of Social work: Our teachers organized an Awareness Programme for the students on the same day where they explained  about the various causes of dengue fever and protective measures to avoid it.

Students also participated actively by presenting speech on the causes and effect of Dengue fever.


Feedback: Really helpful for local people to aware about dengue disease.






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