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About Laboratories (Pharmacy)

About Laboratories

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

This is a multidisciplinary field of study that advances drug discovery by combining synthetic organic chemistry with advances in biochemistry, computational chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

List of equipments used in pharmaceutical chemistry Laboratories are Flame photometer, pH meter, Refrectometer, Hot air oven, Turbidity meter, Blood Analyzer, Bunsen burner, Water bath, Heating mantles, Hot Plate Droppers, Pipettes, Burets, tongs and forceps, balances are some of the common forms of equipments that are generally been found in a Pharmaceutical Laboratory for experiment purposes.


This laboratory provides elementary knowledge about the manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations. This lab is also utilized to teach about the dispensing of the drugs in a hospital by a pharmacist and about community pharmacy practice. The lab is used for the preparation of aromatic waters, syrups, liniments, lozenges, lotions, tinctures, poultice etc.

List of equipments used in pharmaceutics Laboratories are Mortar pestle, Percolator, Water bath, Molds, Sieves, Dispensing balances, Dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus,


The pharmacology lab is equipped with equipments like the Rota Rod, Electro-convulsiometer, Analgesiometer, Histamine chamber, Cook’s Pole climbing apparatus, Actophotometer and Organ bath with Kymograph drum to examine the effects of various drug samples. The main focus of this laboratory is to help the students to develop their knowledge and skills about preclinical studies by using software. 


Pharmacognosy is a specific discipline concerned with the rapid advancements in the knowledge and application of biologically derived medicinal substances (plant, microorganism, and animal products) used for human and veterinary purposes. It also includes the study of their history, distribution, cultivation, collection, identification & authentication, preparation, microscopy ,extraction, evaluation, preservation & commerce.Soxhlet apparatus, Clevenger apparatus, Moisture balance, Hot air oven, Muffle furnace, Binocular, Heating mantle, Autoclave, Digital Balance and TLC Chamber  are among the instruments in the laboratory.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

The Anatomy and Physiology lab was created to introduce the structure and function of the human body. It deals with the study of cells, tissues and membranes that make up our bodies and how our major systems function to help us develop and stay healthy.Human Anatomy and Physiology of human body is also studied with the help of charts and 3D models such as human skeleton, Muscular system, heart, brain, kidney, male and female reproductive system, lungs, ear, eyes etc.


A microbiology laboratory is one that is dedicated to the cultivation, examination, and identification of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and so on. The microbiology laboratory plays an important role in infection prevention and control.Microbiology equipment include microscopes, slides, Laminar air flow, Autoclave, petri dishes, growth mediums, inoculation Chamber, Colony Counter, BOD Incubator, Hot air oven.

Instrumental Room

The institute offers a well-equipped Central Instrument Room with a variety of sophisticated instruments, including High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Digital photo fluorimeter, Refrigerated centrifuge, Digital Spectrophotometers,Trinocular Microscope, UV Spectrophotometer, Ampoule filling and sealing, pH meter, Friability test apparatus, homogenizer, Bulk density apparatus, Bottle washing machine, Rotatory evaporator, Humidity chamber and Water distillation among other frequently used tools.

Machine Room

Machine room containing various machines required for various Unit Operations simulating with Pharmaceutical Industry Unit operations. The Machine room equipped with modern equipments and machinery used for pilot project, formulation and development studies in injectable, tablets, capsules, liquid orals and ointment sections. The Machine room is provided with 24h stabilized electric power supply system. Each machine have separate platform with Standard Operating Procedure, Standard Cleaning Procedure and Calibration or validation and operation manual. Machine room equipment include Tablet compression machine, Capsule filling and sealing machine, Double cone blender, Cube blender, sieve shaker, Multimill, Bottle sealing ,machine, Ointment tube filling, Collapsible tube crimping, Hammer mill, Tray dryer, Ball mill etc.

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