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About Laboratories (CSE)

CSE Department Labs

The Department has four well equipped computer laboratories to meet the requirement of the curriculum. Sufficient systems are available for students, maintaining the prescribed PC to students ratio of 1:4 as per the AICTE norms.

Licensed Softwares Available:

Realizing the importance of rapid advancements in the Computer Science & Information Technology sectors, all the laboratories have been furnished with high speed LAN. The labs are updated and upgraded frequently as per the requirements and demand of industry. The well equipped laboratories help students to meet ever increasing technological and social challenges with its traditions of self discipline, hard work and a creative approach to solve problematic issues. Some of the labs which student undergo are:


  1. Computer Graphics Lab/Multimedia Technologies Lab

Computer Graphics lab is well equipped & licensed software of C++ and Flash Player that runs on Microsoft windows XP. Here, operations on 2 dimensional & 3 dimensional object images are done. Various effects like motion, colors, pattern effects, translation, rotation, and scaling, shearing operations are implemented. Various algorithms for polygon clipping, polygon drawing and filtering operations on 2-D & 3-D object’s images are implemented in this lab.


  1. C/C++ Lab

C/C++ Lab is well equipped and uses Linux operating system. Students prepare programs on C & C++ to implement the concepts of structured programming and object oriented programming respectively. Students are introduced with the concept of Class and object creation, applying inheritance, polymorphism etc. in this lab.


  1. DBMS Lab

This Lab is well equipped with Core 2 duo processor, Laser printer and Oracle 8i/9i as the application software. The students are introduced with the concepts of structured query language to properly understand the management of database of any system. Various models of database can be studied and realized using the facilities available in the lab.


  1. Compiler Design Lab

Compiler Design Lab is well equipped with Core 2 duo processor, Laser Printer and Linux is used as operating system. Here study and implementation of compiler is done. Lexical analyzer and YACC compiler tools are studied in detail.

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