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The department has the following laboratories:

Our civil engineering department has been planned on modern lines with state of art facilities to be utilized for research and consultancy in addition to training of  the students. The students pursuing civil engineering at RPET are trained in all aspects of this field and adequately prepared to be accepted globally. The department has well established laboratories including:

Concrete Lab:-

This lab deals with building materials and structural engineering. Testing of several materials is also conducted at these labs. Cement testing, concrete compressive strength, concrete mix designs, brick testing etc.

Structural Analysis Lab:-

The lab is equipped with several instruments used for the structural analysis of different Structure like cantilevers, trusses,arch, and steel beams etc.

Environmental Engineering Lab:-

Students learn about water and effluent testing. Consultancy services are also provided for BOD, COD testing, water testing, pH value, acidic value and viscosity of solution.

Transportation Engg. Lab:-

This lab deals with road construction materials and various tests are also taught to students like impact shape test, bituminous test, crushing value, Abrasian value, Aggregate test, penetration test, ductility test, softening point test, bitumen extraction test, Flash and fire point test.


CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Lab:-

This lab is equipped with latest software and computers required for structural solutions and designs in civil engineering. The lab is equipped with STAAD PRO,AUTOCAD,  Windows XP, Visual Studio, Audio visual aids to technical and several non-technical problems using computers.

Geotechnical Lab:-

This lab is equipped with the equipments required for consolidation test, CBR test, Triaxial test, direct shear test, bearing capacity of soil by SPT test and plate load test.

Survey Lab:-

Survey lab is equipped with latelest and automated surveying machines like Total Station,Digital Theodollite,Autolevel and Dumpy level.

Solid Mechanics Lab:-

Tensile Test and Compression Tests are done on computerized Universal Testing Machine.

Fluid Mechanics Lab:-

Equipped with latest and automated testing machines for various kinds of flows.


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