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BASLP: Bachelor in Audiology, Speech Language and Pathology

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BASLP stands for Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. This professional course is also known by the name of Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Therapy. Clinical Psychologists and Audiology counselors are in increasing demand at various professional settings that deal with mental health needs. 

BASLP course consists of two main subjects- Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. Audiology is the science of hearing. It is a 4 years long undergraduate level professional course. Out of the 4 years, regular classroom and practical academic activities make up 3 years.

BASLP graduates may work closely with patients suffering from hearing, balance and speech disorders. Common places to find work are- Government and Private Hospitals, NGOs and Schools for Children with hearing and speech disorder.

BASLP course makes use of the above mentioned subjects and trains students to become audiologists and speech language pathologists. The course provides professional training to students and makes them capable of preventing, identifying and treating speech, hearing and balance disorders in people

The role of a clinical psychologist and audiologists is being rapidly recognized in health care and they are consulted for a variety of purposes, ranging from assessment, therapy, and rehabilitation to expert advice. The curriculum of BASLP is in accordance with the guidelines of RCI and current needs of the community/society. It covers not only the foundation/theoretical aspects of the discipline but also integrates practical and field training for becoming professionally skilled graduates. Project/dissertation work also provides research skills training.

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