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Sports  (Indoor, Outdoor):

The outdoor sports facilities include, a cricket ground, football ground, basketball grounds, badminton courts and volleyball grounds. There is a large open space for field and track sports that enables student-athletes to make full use of it to excel in field and track events. There is a nearly every sport for every student, irrespective whether a student wishes to enhance his/her sports skills or takes it as a stress buster to seek a joy or fitness.

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Indoor facilities include a large sized, fully air-conditioned gymnasium with most modern equipment. This facility is extensively used by the students. In addition, there are a number of indoor sports like, Table Tennis, Carom and Chess etc. quite favorite among students. Yoga facility is guided under a trained yoga teacher for the students, faculty and staff.

Sports facilities are headed by a qualified physical educationist. Sports officers and coaches have been appointed to take charge of day-to-day games and sports activities. For students who excel in their respective sports at the State and National level, a trainer/coach is organized by the Campus. A sports calendar is prepared at the beginning of an academic year, ensuring that it doesn’t overlap with the students’ examination and other important events. Sports competitions are accordingly held as per the calendar.

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