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Social Activty Vote Mera Adhikar By Rpiit

Social Activity


Department:         RP Institute of Pharmacy, Bastara,Karnal                                                                           

                                                                                              Date: 18-10-2019



Place: Vill. Hasanpur Dist. Karnal

Summary of Social work: As the election has been declared by the election commission for Haryana to be conducted on 21-10-2019. As the voting turnout is below 50% in the rural haryana . The Govt. has been planning to organize awareness camp for increase in voting.

Considering the above said initiative of the Govt. our institute i.e. R.P. Institute of Pharmacy, Today organize the campaign with a motto “VOTE MERA ADHIKAR” to increase voting in the area and educate people how to Use electronic voting machine and VVPAT . The students of DMLT 1st year and D.Pharmacy 2nd year along Mr. Shubham Chauhan and Mr.Jasvinder Singh had meet the villagers at Gram Panchayat,Market ,Shops  and educate the village people regarding voting rights. They also organise the Rally involving Villagers for voting awareness.The theme of the activity VOTE MERA ADHIKAR  to aware the people about voter’s right to give vote on the election day i.e. 21 October 19.

Feedback: Most of the old people of the village appreciated the campaign and also advice us to continue such type of initiative in future also as they are beneficial for them.

Benefits: Most of the people in the village even don’t know the date of election and the new electronic machine VVPAT which will show them To whom they voted and also use of the Button NOTA in EVM machine.

  • Drawbacks: For such a campaign more Pamphlets are required in Hindi and A video film showing the VVPAT ,


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