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Social Activty By Mgt Dept On Digital India


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Activity Name: Digital India benefits to Villages for Govt. Aid.

Place: Vill. Rasin Dist. Karnal

Summary of Social work: Digital India

GOAL: A Digital Village is often seen as an idea that can help remove the Digital Divide, enabling development to reach underdeveloped regions, and the country to leapfrog. In physical terms, a ‘Digital Village’ generally refers to a village that has voice as well as data connectivity. Though not specified, the assumption is that both are of sufficiently high quality, with bandwidth available for most commonly used Internet applications to work on computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Because agriculture is the mainstay of most villages, the effects that digital connectivity can have on the farmers’ lives are tremendous. Information about weather, agricultural inputs, sowing and harvesting methods is vital, but far more important is the ability to find access to finance and markets, and the facility to bank online.

Feedback: Most of the old people of the village appreciated the campaign and also advice us to continue such type of initiative in future also as they are not familiar with ATM, Digital payment mode

Benefits: Citizens’ connectivity with governments facilitates a number of things. They not only get to know of policies, rules and procedures, but can transact to get things accomplished more conveniently. Filling forms, registering vehicles, obtaining identification cards, passports and even paying taxes are now much easier and obviate the need for travel and queuing up. What’s more, local politicians and officials now become more accessible and answerable. Corruption potential is reduced, and governments can be held accountable. Governments find they can conduct a virtual dialogue with citizens, as communication and feedback become instantaneous and interactive on digital media.

Drawbacks: For such a campaign more Pamphlets are required in Hindi and A video film showing the how to withdraw money from ATM.


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