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The National Girl Child Day

                                                                                                                     Date: 24-01-2020

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Activity Name: The National Girl Child Day

Place: Vill. Kairwali Dist. Karnal

Summary of Social work: To spread awareness among people about all the inequalities girls face in the Indian society.

GOAL: The objectives behind celebrating the National Girl Child Day is to provide support and opportunities to the girls of India. As we know that in India, gender inequality is one of the major issues that is needed to be focused on and it exists in several areas including legal rights, education, medical care, marriage, etc. Female foeticide is another major issue that further affect the demographic problems in India.

Considering the above said initiative of the Govt. our institute i.e. R.P. Institute of Pharmacy, Today organise the campaign with a motto to aware villagers about gender inequality. The students of DMLT (1st Yr ) and D. Pharmacy 2nd year along with Mr. Ashish Rahi had meet the villagers at Govt. School, Shops ,educate the people regarding awareness among people about all the inequalities girls face in the Indian society. They also organized the Rally involving Villagers for awareness.

Feedback: Most of the old people of the village appreciated the campaign and also advice us to continue such type of initiative in future.

Benefits: It Will help to the village Girls children to make their future plans with the support of their parents and also prevent early marriage of Girls.

Drawbacks: For such a campaign more Pamphlets are required in Hindi and A video film

Photographs: JPG Folder attached.

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