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Central Digital Library – Learning Resource Centre

Synonymous with the abode of knowledge, the central digital library of the campus at RPIIT College is stocked with the lakhs of books and thousands of journals to propel the wisdom growth of the students. These libraries are frequently updated with new books and other useful study material for students from diverse streams.

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In our quest to make the library management immensely convenient for the users, RPIIT College library provides vital support complementing academic activities to students, researchers and staff. We arrange access to the world of information – whether online, multimedia or in print. In order to effectively capitalize on the opportunities provided by radical changes to technology, pedagogy and research practice, the libraries operate in a number of profound ways and work in partnership with faculty members to enhance students research skill development, encompassing both information literacy and learning skills. The libraries now do provide effective research and learning environments with a user-focused approach which is the hallmark of RPIIT central digital library.


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