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Pro-ENGINEER is a software application with in the CAD/CAM/CAE category, along with other similar products currently on the market.

Pro-ENGINEER, PTC’s parametric, integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution, is used by discrete manufacturers for mechanical engineering, design and manufacturing.

Created by Dr. Samuel P. Geisberg in the mid-1980s, Pro-ENGINEER was the industry’s first successful rule-based constraint (sometimes called “parametric” or “variational”) 3D CAD modeling system. The parametric modeling approach uses parameters, dimensions, features, and relationships to capture intended product behavior and create a recipe which enables design automation and the optimization of design and product development processes. This design approach is used by companies whose product strategy is family-based or platform-driven, where a prescriptive design strategy is fundamental to the success of the design process by embedding engineering constraints and relationships to quickly optimize the design, or where the resulting geometry may be complex or based upon equations. Pro-ENGINEER provides a complete set of design, analysis and manufacturing capabilities on one, integral, scalable platform. These required capabilities include Solid Modeling, Surfacing, Rendering, Data Interoperability, Routed Systems Design, Simulation, Tolerance Analysis, and NC and Tooling Design.


Through an innovative partnership with RPIIT, Pro-ENGINEER (PTC) aims to help students prepare for the demands and enormous opportunities of the Designing jobs in the industries.


Pro-ENGINEER is part of a broader product development system developed by PTC. It connects to PTC’s other solutions that aid product development. Companies use Pro-ENGINEER to create a complete 3D digital model of their products. The models consist of 2D and 3D solid model data which can also be used downstream in finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, tooling design, and CNC manufacturing. All data is associative and interchangeable between the CAD, CAE and CAM modules without conversion. A product and its entire bill of materials (BOM) can be modeled accurately with fully associative engineering drawings, and revision control information. The associatively functionality in Pro-ENGINEER enables users to make changes in the design at any time during the product development process and automatically update downstream deliverables. This capability enables concurrent engineering — design, analysis and manufacturing engineers working in parallel — and streamlines product development processes.

Pro-ENGINEER Course content

TOPIC COVERED:Skecther Mode(2D),3D Part modeling , assembly ,Drawing and detailing , Simulation,Anyalsis

Introduction & understanding to PRO-E parametric concept

Understanding PRO-E parametric interface

Understanding PRO-E parametric interface

Selecting and Editing of geometry, feature, models

Selecting and Editing of geometry, feature, models

Creating skecther geometry & using sketcher Tools

Creating sketcher geometry & using sketcher Tools

Using sketches & datum features

Creating Extrudes, Revolves, and Ribs

Creating Rounds, Chamfers & using layers

Creating holes, shells, Drafts& patterns

Surface features

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